From New York to LA: A Thank You to Street Madonna

From New York to LA: a Thank You to Street Madonna - Less than none Greater than

As part of our brand promise, we aim to build a community of women from across the US and abroad. All from diverse backgrounds, cultures and styles helping us design the #perfectwhiteblouse in hopes of empowering our customers. We are invested in beautiful women inside and out, who we believe share our determination for helping women achieve success both personally and professionally.

We want to take a moment to give a shoutout to a young woman from Los Angeles named Jenny (aka Street Madonna). She has a very unique style, effortlessly casual/chic which opened our eyes to how our blouses could be styled for those looking for a more casual look. From work weeks to weekends. Date nights to outings with friends we love how she showed the diversity of the blouses.

I’m wearing the Elizabeth Soft Blouse, which has beautiful tiered ruffles and longer sleeves. The polyester is super soft and I’m loving the quality and sophisticated detail of the top.

I tucked the top into my shorts, but the blouse has a very feminine flowy silhouette that could be worn untucked with trousers at work or with leggings for comfy date night."

Also, I love the long cuff so cool and modern." 

From New York to LA: A Thank You to Street Madonna - Less than none Greater than

"Here I’m wearing the Lexington Button Down, which at first looks like a simple white button-down shirt meant for serious business–until you take a closer look at its modern and super cute details."

I understand that crisp, white button-down shirts are a closet staple. They’re perfect for the office or hanging in jeans on the street. I chose to wear this shirt as an outer layer over a cropped top because if there’s a way to keep things casual, I’ll find it.

The longer cuff is one of my favorite details on the shirt. I love how it kind of fans out like a bell, similar to the sleeves on the Elizabeth Soft Blouse. But that doesn’t mean I won’t roll them up when I need to, because they look awesome and sporty folded.

A huge thank you to Jenny. We look forward to many more exciting collaborations!

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