A Look Back On Our First 14 Styles

A look back on our first 14 styles_Less_than_none_Greater_than

2+ months in and here we are. The reception we've received from women around the world, ages ranging from 21 to 60 has been nothing short of astonishing. All unknowingly brought together, but unequivocally alike in their ethos; mutual respect, attention to detail, individuality and timeless elegance. From Australia to Hong Kong, Los Angeles to New York, Germany to Florida, Arizona to Kentucky, a community of women is quietly growing. One that we never knew was there. A community of women who share our ideals. Together we are slowing things down and focusing internally on our people, our process, and our product. 

Ever-evolving, our first collection is a pebble thrown in an ocean. Every month we will offer 4 new styles, designed with the help of our strategic partners from around the world to continue our pursuit of designing the perfect white blouse. Accessible and affordable without sacrificing quality.

These first 14 styles (and our 4 new styles releasing this month) were designed in NYC for the history, diversity and progressiveness of the streets we named them after. Our next 4 styles will launch in Hong Kong, and will be inspired by the culture and daily life of the hardworking women of that emerging international city. It will be in their hands where they take the brand, and we can't wait to see their creativity and individuality come to life.

Next up: Hong Kong.
After that: Inquire within.

We will feature one of our strategic partners on our blog each week. Will you follow us?


Less Than None Greater Than

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