Silk Road

Silk Road - Less than none Greater than

Nearly 3,000 years ago silk was discovered in China by the Empress Hsi Ling Shi. Legend has it that a cocoon fell onto her lap while she was drinking tea under a mulberry tree. Mesmerized by the shimmering threads, she developed sericulture, the first ever cultivation of silkworms and invented the reel and loom to process this delicate fabric. A prize commodity, the Chinese realized the value of the beautiful material they were producing and kept its secret safe from the rest of the world. An exclusive trade export and monopoly they held for more than 30 centuries.

Fast-forward 3,000 some-odd years from its discovery - our Chinese silk, manufactured with the same integrity, at our environmental and labour friendly studios, will soon be available in our soft-blouses.

The partnership of this luxurious fabric and our flattering feminine designs will promote confidence, elegance and a timelessness as old as its history. 

We believe in timeless design, timeless fabrics which leads to a blouse that will be never go out of style. Silk is the next step on our journey to design the perfect white blouse.

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