About us

Tradition, attention to detail, quality and stylistic research are the elements that best exemplify the timeless style of any brand. Having been in the industry for the last 32 years, we have decided to produce a minimal and sophisticated collection of white blouses that collectively stand for what we have been doing for others over the years.

Tillsonburg was founded in 1986. A company specializing in the production of higher-end contemporary apparel then emerged. Known and appreciated for the use of exclusive and avant-garde fabrics, prints, embellishments and embroideries we have now set out to produce a series of limited and timeless garments, specifically for you. Our love for design, attention to detail remains a key value of the brand, from our photographic images to our finished handcrafted styles. We believe in our small market approach and the bespoke value that this creates for you. Each piece is meticulously handmade in our environmentally and labour compliant facilities, using the best quality fabrics from the likes of Japan. We aim to do one thing and be the best at this and 'Greater Than' all.

We start here, and are excited about the journey ahead!

Less than none Greater than